Volunteering at the Gardens

Volunteering at the Gardens

Half the fun of a community garden is that we have many hands to get things done. Each member agrees to complete a minimum of 5 hours during the year.

Here are some ways you can help:

Current Crow Hill Garden Needs

1. Add dirt to plots.

We have some dirt at the bottom of the ramp walkway that can wheelbarrowed up to the dirt pile and placed under the tarp between the water and the gazebo, put dirt on the water side of the tarp, cover when done, or to add to your garden plot if needed.

2. Weeding Pathways & Charity Plots.

Dandelions along interior perimeter boards can be pulled, see if you can get all the roots, sometimes there are worms around the roots- put the worms in your plot. The dandelion weeds can be put under the tarp on the gazebo side, opposite the dirt. Don’t pull the strawberries, unless they are in your way, some of them already have white flowers.

3. General Clean Up

Eventually would like to pull out these white tarps, next to the compost bins, and fold them so they can stack more neatly, They are likely messy and wet.

Current B Street Garden Needs

1. Weeding Pathways & Community Plots.

Ongoing Opportunities

Throughout the season we will try to provide you with volunteer opportunities to make it easy (and fun!) to fulfill your hours. These are some basics you can complete on your own listed in the Garden Guidelines volunteer tasks:

  • clean or repair tools
  • pick slugs and pull weeds from community plots (look for community plot label)
  • clean greenhouse
  • volunteer at the Fruiting Forest
  • help organize an event (contact DCG board with interest)
  • Have another idea? Contact the volunteer coordinator for approval. Thanks! (Note this isn’t strict – if it is something that obviously needs to be done, please do it – we’ll credit the time. But, if uncertain an email or note left at the garden is always appreciated.)

On this page and our Facebook page you will hear about volunteer events and any new needs that come up. We’ve also collaborated on the Douglas Fruiting Forest, and any hours you help out with that count.

Annual Volunteer Events

The first volunteer event of the year is the Spring Work Party to kick off the growing season. It’s a fun way to meet your fellow gardeners and neighbors, ask questions, and be a part of planning the season while sneaking in some early volunteer hours.

At the end of the season we also have a Garden Clean Up Party to close out the gardens. Our goal then is to remove the past season’s plants, roots and all, and prep the beds for spring planting. You can add soil, compost, and lime to your plots.

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