Benefits of Community Gardening

The best benefit of community gardens? Fresh, Local Food. But there are also many other benefits to both individual members and the community as a whole when community gardens are available.

Community Gardens Offer Neighborhoods

  • The opportunity to meet and work with your neighbors
  • A way to build sense of community and support community organizing
  • A maintained and beautified green space

Share a handful of strawberries in the garden

Community Gardens Can Teach Kids About

  • Where food comes from and how to grow and prepare it
  • Career and life skills
  • Math and environmental sustainability

Community Gardens Have Been Recognized As

  • Encouraging activity outdoors and healthy eating
  • A crime prevention strategy
  • Offering cultural and educational opportunities to the community

Community Gardens Offer Individuals and Families

  • Access to fresh local food
  • A place to grow for those who don’t have land
  • Exposure to green space

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